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Bobbe White Speaker   Bobbe White Speaker  

Bobbe White Speaker  Bobbe White Speaker

Bobbe White Speaker  Bobbe White Speaker 

 Bobbe White Speaker  Bobbe White Speaker


1. Life in the Laugh Lane (Most requested presentation)
Alternate title:  Try Laughter...Just for the Health of It!


Bobbe steers us through life’s twists and turns with humor and laughter. Attendees will relate to how she shifts through daily roadblocks of stress and frustration – at work or at home. Get into ‘ha’ gear and watch your organization leave negativity in the dust. With Bobbe at the wheel, you’ll find humor and laughter around every curve and corner! See Bobbe's Shoppe for book under the same title! A terrific companion piece for attendees!

2. I said, "I'M DOING THE BEST I CAN!"

Learn to give the BEST of you rather than the STRESSED of you!
Overworked? Overwhelmed? Overcommitted? You’re trying hard, but it never seems to be enough. Bobbe helps organizations, just like yours, learn applicable tips for taming the evil beast, Stress. Learn how to put your new tools to use before you ever leave the conference room and have fun during the process!


3. Stress No Evil

12 tips to tame the beast to keep from going BANANAS!
Remember the three wise monkeys: See, Hear and Speak No Evil?  Meet #4: Stress No Evil! Bobbe shares creative ways to help attendees deal. Yes, it’s a constant occurrence in the workplace/home place. That doesn’t mean we want to accept stress as we know it. This is a fun, yet functional, interactive program. You and your organization need this! Bring Bobbe in to let the learning and laughter begin! 

Bobbe’s book, under the same title, makes a great companion piece and giveaway! 


Bobbe White offers expertise in…
Humor, Inspiration, Motivation, Stress Solutions, Women’s Wellness, Work Wellness
Bobbe White is a good fit for…
Healthy Women, Association Keynote, Heart Health, Keynote Womens Event, Ladies’ Night Out, Nurses Appreciation, Spouse Program, Women’s Expo, Health Seminar, Retreats, Employee Appreciation
Bobbe is the queen of themes!
Planning a special event? Bobbe is happy to explore customized titles for her topics to fit your themes.


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