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Life in the Laugh Lane

Bobbe shows us how to steer through life's twists and turns with her humorous perspective. She shifts her flaws and faux pas into ha gear. Take a pit stop and enjoy Bobbe's delightful, conversational style. Turn the corner on negativity and take the ride of your life laugh!

Paperback, non-fiction, 165 pgs. $11.95
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If Stress is Garbage... I've Bin There, Recycled That!

Humorous stories and non-toxic tips for coping in life, by taking a green approach. Recycle your stress, reduce negativity, reuse your laughter, and repurpose your life when your bin overfloweth! Find more ways to tolerate toxic people and situations in your environment. There's never been a better time to recycle your emotional trash!

Paperbook, 110 pgs., $11.95.
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Fantastic Customer Service Inside and Out
by Bobbe White, Certified Laughter Leader (Seriously!)

Bobbe White is co-author of "Fantastic Customer Service, Inside and Out." Her contribution to this partnership is titled: "Go Ahead, Laugh at Work...It Works!" It contains hundreds of tips and secrets for delighting your customers...and your employees! Discover fresh ideas for making your work more profitable, stress-free, and satisfying...and have more fun along the way!

Paperback, 250 pgs. $20.00
James & Brookfield Publishers (2002)

Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover's Soul

Bobbe is co-author of this fantastic Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover's Soul book. This book is perfect for a wine connoisseur, investing in rare vintages--or a neophyte just learning to appreciate wine's complexity. Whether you have the quintessential wine cellar or you simply delight in an occasional glass of chardonnay with dinner, Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover's Soul will help you appreciate both the art and science behind every sublime bottle.

Paperback, 202 pgs. $14.95

The Ultimate Gardener

Bobbe is co-author of The Ultimate Gardener. Passion for gardening touches each of us in a different way, and in The Ultimate Gardener you'll meet others who share your zeal. Laugh at anecdotes of gardeners who try to cut corners and end up making extra work for themselves, and pets who fail to realize that gardens are off-limits. Share the joy every gardener feels when those first tiny sprouts pop out each spring, or your prize tomatoes make it through a midsummer storm. Whether your garden is a tiny rooftop terrace or acreage as far as the eye can see, every gardener will recognize the infatuation with growing things that winds through each and every story.

Paperback, 248 pgs. $14.95

Super Fly Stress Monkey

Slingshot monkey soars up to 50ft in the air (or just into the next cubicle!) Screams as he flies (motion activated)! Great gift for ANYONE ages 5 to 95! Batteries NOT included because Stress Monkey doesn't use any. Get the monkey of stress off your back today! Caution: expect unlimited laughter and fun, high probability of stress reduction. Can you say Easter Basket, Christmas Stocking, or Birthday?

$10.00 each
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